Australia's Biggest Morning Tea:
Our 'Morning Tea' menu items are perfect for a get together anytime throughout May & June.

When to order?

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Dietary/Allergen Abreviations:
DF - Dairy Free | EF - Egg Free | GF - Gluten Free | HF - Halal Friendly | NF - Nut Free | V - Vegetarian | VG - Vegan

HF (Halal Friendly) - product NOT certified Halal however adheres to halal dietary rules.
V (Vegetarian) - Lacto-ovo vegetarian - product contains NO part of animal however can contain by-products such as dairy & egg.
VG (Vegan) - product DOES NOT contain meat, eggs, dairy products, or any other animal-derived substance.

Cake sizes (diameters):
An approximate guide is:
Small - 8 inches (20cm) (serves 10-12); Medium - 10 inches (25cm) (serves 16-18) Large - 10-11 inches (25cm-28cm) (serves 20-24).

Serving suggestions:
Cakes2U 'serves' (serving suggestion/number of slices) is based on an ‘Office Slice’. An ‘Office Slice’ is a generous size between a ‘Cafe Slice’ (a larger portion commonly shared between 2 people at a cafe) and a ‘Wedding Slice’ (a smaller portion or ‘finger’ served at weddings).

Cake Writing (messages on cakes):
Cakes with dark icing - Callebaut Belgian White Chocolate - (EF, GF, HF, V).
Cakes with light icing - Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate - (DF, EF, GF, HF, V, VG).
For cakes that cannot be written directly on top, we use a 'banner' style plaque made from white sugar fondant icing and written with dark chocolate - (DF, EF, GF, HF, V, VG)
For Vegan cakes, this plaque will be provided in a separate baker's box.

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Can I get a copy of an invoice?
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Reheating savouries
Our savoury products are delivered in a refrigerated vehicle and therefore require reheating prior to your event. For microwave reheating, we recommend a medium setting for short periods whilst continually monitoring the results. A great idea is to lay paper towel over the food whilst microwaving for a more crisp result. For conventional oven reheating, we recommend a medium setting (160-180 celsius) for short periods whilst continually monitoring the results. For both microwave and conventional ovens, it will depend on the power of your appliance so we recommend consulting a user manual for more specific instructions.