What are your Christmas & New Year closed dates?
Our last day delivering is Tuesday 24th December, 2019 (Christmas Eve)
Our first day back delivering is Thursday 9th January, 2020 (Office open from 8th January, 2020 for confirmation of orders).

My password isn't working even though I ordered recently?
Click on 'Reset Password' to re-use your old password or make up a new one. 

My billing details are incorrect.
You can amend your saved billing and delivery details by clicking on your account on the top tool bar.
However, if you are a 30 day corporate account holder, you will need to contact us.

I have a 30 day corporate account however it does not seem right on the new Cakes2U website.
You and your colleagues can now have a Shared Billing ID. This enables tax invoices from multiple users to appear on the same monthly statement.
Please contact us if your Shared Billing ID details are incorrect or to confirm you are linked with the correct Shared Billing ID.

I would like to set up a Corporate Account with 30 day terms.
Click on the link below.
You will have the option to either 'Create a brand new billing account' OR 'Use the same account as a work colleague'.
We will email you to confirm your 30 day corporate account is active. You will then have the option 'Charge to Account' at checkout.

I cannot view any of my orders placed prior to 3rd August 2019.
Our new website has gone live. Contact us for any information regarding archived orders or Tax Invoices.

Can I get a copy of an invoice?
You can view orders placed after 3rd August 2019 and download Tax Invoices by clicking on your account on the top tool bar.